...there is an etiology and a point of infection, and that, for the moment, although the infection is far advanced, it can still be successfully treated: the pathogens — liberal utopians, corrupt careerists, ethnic radicals — are known and localized,... (Alex Kurtagic)

I wish that I could acquiesce in this cheerful assessment and prospect.

Unfortunately for our remnant of relatively healthy cells in the global body politic, "liberalism," in numerous variants of the ideology of the historic "middle class"/"bourgeoisie," is shot through and across the entire political spectrum - Classical Liberalism/Libertarianism at the Radical Right extreme, and Marxist/Gramscian/Frankfurt "Enlightenment"-style modern Liberalism on the Left. All of it coming full circle and meeting in state-withering Anarchism, the slave and criminal's delight. As Nietzsche pointed out: it's all the same - it's all Beatitudinal Christianity in various guises - it's all slave morality. And the right-wing version spreads around the world like a cancerous tumor that the radical left-wing wants, ultimately, to irradiate with nuclear weapons.

Thus, no cause for optimism here. Slaves are understandably incapable of anything but the urgent desire for "freedom," "liberty," and "equality" - the latter delusion variously formulated from end to end of the spectrum. From Libertarian quasi-anarchism to Marxist crypto-anarchism.

Where this slavish premise is implicit in a journalistic appeal to predominantly middle-class readers - who are regaled with accounts of enormities that threaten their self-concerned, individualistic lives (to which they merely wish to return after restoration to the (unrealizable) status quo ante of some prior, more or less remote, period) - there is no hope, in consequence, for any but a future circumstance that is, or invites immediate repetition of, the present declension.

So - how to make masters out of slaves? Masters with which one cannot dispense, in one variety or another - the Jew and/or the German, priest and/or noble - since liberalism, of whatever variety, leads (in the inescapable logic and history of political-economy) to a "restoration" of mastery - mastery presently held exclusively by the Master of the Lie, in the absence of the Master of Violence, for whose forthright leadership the Master of Money does not stand in without indispensable support from, and eventual displacement by, the alien international Liar.

Perhaps one cannot achieve this miraculous transformation in this latter-day world, as is my own prognosis after many years of tolerantly investigating the various feces-flinging monkey houses on the so-called Right. In any case, until the mind-set of such representative occupants is abandoned amidst personal catastrophe and our cause offers an explicit remedy that nevertheless affronts the premises of the previous philosophy of the victims, the alternative constant journalistic discussion of newsworthy enormities merely retards the reader by reinforcing the bourgeois-liberal tsk-tsking mind-set of the "unfairness" or "hypocrisy" of the events and a mere desire to medicate the "localized" infection and thus to be allowed to return to business as usual.

The suspicion is aroused, indeed, that this is the foolish intention of the purveyors of such journalism - they likewise of the middle class who have found the present dispensation one which they could more or less comfortably accommodate all life long - but for the presence of repellent minorities, whose absence they would not long enjoy, for failure to understand that their own politico-economic and cultural premises are complicit in the difficulty (as evidenced in the repeated rhetorical reference, even amongst ourselves in public, to none but the cultural (artistic/scientific) achievements of the race, as if we pathetically beg to be preserved by our masters as an endangered species and that we are otherwise defenseless for lack of political inspiration from the pertinent past).

But, again, you will say, there are none but the middle class here, in quantity. It is we and they, you will say, to whom we must speak - on our and on their terms. I say, rather, that on their and on your terms, one's cause is self-defeating, as is evidenced by its evolution from supremacism to separatism to secessionism - running away to a self-imposed outdoor concentration camp that will greatly facilitate the extermination of what's left of the "race" in its own pitiful Vilcabamban "Reich".

So I suggest, even at the risk of isolation from the larger community, an as-yet untried public discussion/debate amongst ourselves of these perhaps very disagreeable fundamentals (as opened for discussion here at "superhuman") - the evident intellectual prestige of which might eventually make an impression on elements of the prestige-conscious and increasingly disillusioned universalist Left, without whom a cause cannot advance under present circumstances.

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  1. In April 1988, several weeks before I was awarded a PhD degree in political science at the University of California–Santa Barbara, I had a private and casual dinner with a famous author of human ecology, professor emeritus Garrett Hardin. After a beer or two, he told me, if I recall his words well: "Look, Tom, I have been lecturing in biology; I can get away with saying things to my students about race that you will never ever be able to in humanities."

    Being young and living in the allegedly freest country in the world, I did not exactly understand what he meant. Years later I grasped the meaning of his words. I realized that there are academic fields in humanities that are subject to strict inquisitorial control and to undisputed canons of political rectitude. This sacred triangle consists of three subjects: a) modern historiography; b) Jewish power and influence; and c) the race question. Lecturing on these topics in an open an honest way on these topics means receiving a kiss of academic death.
    Intellectual terror in American colleges is well-hidden behind the garb of feigned academic conviviality and the "have-a-wonderful-day" rhetoric of superficially friendly peers. Yet is has far more insidious effects than the naked terror I experienced in a drab ex-Communist Europe.