July 2011: A horrific loss to the world -- and to me.

NeoNietzsche, my teacher, my husband, my heart, died of a heart attack earlier this month.

I will leave his blog in place until .... I don't when. If I think of it, I will come and publish the comments to the blog. He did not believe there was hope in 'teaching' -- sheep do not become wolves merely because they understand the situation. I wish you lone and pack wolves out there a life filled with such love and safety as you can find. (He always read the blog's stats about his commenters' locations with pleasure, and was glad you came to read. "Someone from Norway came. Someone from Australia!" You pleased him, that you visited.)

I leave you a bit of wisdom that Neo sent me once: as a description of himself -- and of me -- it is accurate.

Freidrich Nietzsche wrote:
Brave, unconcerned, mocking, violent -- thus wisdom wants us:
she is a woman and always loves only a warrior.
There is little of man here: therefore their women strive to be mannish.
For only he who is man enough will release the woman in woman.

He was a man such as I could not have imagined, nor dreamed up, and now I must live without him.

Avalanche (NeoNietzsche's widow)


  1. My deepest condolences from The Phora. I used to enjoy very much your contributions there.


  2. Farewell shaolin brother.

  3. I was shocked to learn of his death, Eleanor. He was a deep man who channeled the Professor like no one else, uniting his spirit with our interests as a race. His generosity and partisanship toward me will never be forgotten.


    1. Thank you so much, Marshall, I tried to reach you to make sure you knew. He felt a true kind-connection to you too and always looked forward to your calls!

  4. I am sorry for your loss. Viel Glück, Xaire, et Vale. -Rusty Mason

  5. He was an inspiration to me and I don't exaggerate in the slightest by saying he was one of the most influential writers in my life.

    I once asked him for advice on what I could do to help win our struggle, he gave me two suggestions, and I'm proud to say I have been following his suggestions for nearly 4 years now.

    Also proud he's quoted me on the right side of the blog.

    1. What a lovely thing to write. He despaired of having any effect in the world. He was a terribly lonely lone wolf, and put up his blog (and his various writings in forae and other blogs) in the hopes of finding another/others such as he. If you read this, would you post the two things he suggested? I'm curious. (Oh, I miss him so much.

  6. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

  7. A great man has passed.

    Sorry I did not learn of this until now.

    Please accept my condolences. He will be (very) missed.