I don’t think everyone here [at OD] is a “colonial agrarian Populist.” In any case, what would you have the misanthropists and elitists do instead? I’m interested to hear from a "master-class" intellect. (Mark IJsseldijk)

For those who have assimilated the points about the inevitability, in our present context, of oligarchic mastery, it follows that the armed forces and the intelligentsia (archetypically, the nobility and the priesthood) must be aligned with any cause that would be sovereign.

This alignment cannot be achieved through participation in the beauty pageant spectacles that simulate the process of popular sovereignty. Quantity no longer counts, as “uh” has pointed out. Only the quality of a case, built from rational first principles and not dismissible as the mere rationalization of bigotry, has any chance of being persuasive of the pillars of state, presently at the command of an unelected elite.

But I will admit that, presently, there is little-to-no chance of that development, even according to my recommended tactic (subvert what is left, if anything, of an un-multi-culted military and what little there may be of an honest and independent Left). And we face the handicap of an average IQ in the “native” population of 100, where a people that can govern itself needs a 115 verbal/social IQ, as had the upper-class syntheses of the Classical culture and as do the Jewish Masters of the Lie today. We are to them as Negroes are to us and as Germanic barbarians and Christian fanatics were to what was left of the original Roman upper-class Etruscan/Italic cultural synthesis, long ago.

Our further misfortune as to our prospects is reflected in the present survival of the aforesaid Christian fanatics amongst the White-wing and the general stockyard population. Several examples thereof have been "Paraded" in the column to the right, illustrating not only their intellectual and temperamental deficiencies as "'Tards" but as indicative of the class warfare and cultural struggle with which any nativist cause must deal.

So, unless the dim and declasse elements on the White-wing acknowledge their betters as such - for the sake of spreading an un-bigoted perspective of critical interest to all persons on the continent - and their betters are thus encouraged in the instruction of their subordinates to that end - castles in the sandbox will continue to be erected here and kicked over, endlessly, to the amusement and relief of mortal enemies.

[Mark I. responds:] One problem is that pro-whites do not wish to acknowledge caste. Many, not all, of them see it, as do liberals, as a construct or throwback rather than as a biological reality. I see it as self-evident that there is a caste of intellect and a caste of warriors, and equally self-evident that these castes are vastly outnumbered by the common caste. But this is not the case in the wider pro-white world, many have bought into the humanism which posits that any man is as good as the next. The pro-white cause itself thus poisoned by liberalism. Sometimes I think the bulk of pro-whites are not different from the “liberte, egalite, fraternite” crowd.

Thus the journalistic cultivation of reaction to the “unfairness” of it all in whites who have “rights” merely reinforces the (unrealistic) shared liberal premises of any such implicit controversy. Just as “denying” the Holocaust, in an attempt directed at denying victim status to international Jewry, implicitly concedes the victimological argument that “victims” have (nonsensical) transcendent moral claims on all others. The result: more proto-anarchistic liberal fatuity endorsed and the maintenance of the present general ideological regime.

[And "Stronza" speaks to the quality of our aforementioned "Germanic barbarian" ancestors:] Last I heard, the packs of Germanic tribes ultimately did pretty good for themselves.

By getting in bed with the Whore of Babylon and catching an itch that had to be scratched by International Jewry when the Universal Church became a hag. Saxon-slaughtering, Canossa, Investiture Controversy, Crusading, Reformation, Regicide, Bolshevism, Holocaustomania etc., - all symptomatic of the cultural psycho-pathology of regimes that cannot sustain themselves with their own intellect and so have to suffer acquiescence in the agendas of transnational/supranational entities in order to make up the difference.


  1. Seconded. I am in self-imposed exile because of my boorish actions and disgust in general with the "movement." But forget that. You used Stronza and my comments to great effect in making your own points. I find your interpretations very accurate. Don't abandon your blog, please, it is a ray of light in a dark time.

  2. Hey 'Neo Nietzsche': are you Steven E. Romer of Aryan Sun? --