The exchange with this liberetardian [Eric Dondero] shows just how worthless and hypocritical that ideology is. According to most libertarians, the ties that bind humanity are a desire for the free flow of goods, services, cheap trinkets, and even people across national borders. No great nation of civilization was every built on these principles and outside of the Western world you could probably count the number of adherents to libertarianism with both hands.

Libertarianism is anti-nation state and anti-race. Libtards often scoff at social Darwinism yet embrace it as it applies to the cutthroat marketplace. Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard are its two Jewish godfathers and if I had to guess libertarianism was probably devised as just another ideology which to distract and divide non-Jews.
("Mr. Dithers" @ OD)

I [NN] second the balance of your remarks, speaking to the issue of the origins of “terrorism”. But I believe that a mistaken imputation of motive is involved in the origins of Libertarianism/Objectivism/Austrian School Economics, as you would have it. These philosophical orientations rather appeal to those who feel themselves both cosmopolitan (Jew and North American Gentile alike) and inclined to the rational, science-inspired analysis of societal ethics and policy.

The classic gentile experience on this continent has been that of the perpetual elastic frontier in land and in evolving technology that have made laissez-faire/free-enterprise politico-economic policy a historically distinctive success in this singular demographic/geographic context. We North American gentiles remain, in part, the cultural heirs of that colonial success, abstractly formulated now as philosophical libertarianism - a worldview that idealistically encapsulates one’s personal absorption of the ethics and responsibilities of middle-class life, however removed from the unadvertised realities of the non-libertarian Realpolitik of the world above that class.

Deracinated from birth as we are, and taught, implicitly, the superior social status and employability of a culturally neutral persona, we naturally join the Jew in a cosmopolitan perspective, where we are not natively visceral racists (bigots) and have to reason ourselves out our youthful idealism and into a realistic confrontation with racial and class realities. There is thus no “hypocrisy” (though there are fundamental intellectual faults) in the majority experience of, and passage through, the various schools of individualist philosophy. So I caution against the misapprehension of the motives of opponents and potential converts.


  1. Eric Dondero is a barbaric warmonger and not a libertarian.

    "If you are Anti-War, you are by definition Anti-American, like it or not." - Eric Dondero

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    In reponse to Dondero's quote:

    I like it very much.