[Dr. Greg Johnson:]

One short, controlled burst about the military: The US military is a bigger engine of miscegenation than Hollywood. Again, I don’t think we will find any solutions in the military.


This is not the correct way to think about future developments.

Amidst coming global catastrophe, mid-century at the latest, whatever is left of the military will inevitably assume command of the situation - for good or ill. Satan is on his way to collect his due for WWII, after a century of party-time for the conniving and back-stabbing Anglo-Americans. Indeed, the ghost of Hua Guofeng whispers to us his cautionary tale, from the shadows around us into which we do not see.

Thus it is important for military personnel, above all others, to have been exposed to a brutally forthright explanation of the roots of the catastrophe. The Big Tent propaganda effort, to sneak as many goyim under the White-wing canvas, detracts from that vital project by sliding over differences in ideological perspectives (to the extent that they are even recognized amidst a lack of clarity as to the nature of reality). [Harken, Christers, Populists, and Colonists.]

Unfortunately, and for the present, the White-wing basically dwells in the late Eighteenth Century, in terms of its ideological sophistication, and grasp of political economy. One despairs of illuminating even this element, in the mass, as to the Foundations of the 21st.

Therefore, the military strategy is our only hope for survival. This is the time, in the evolution of the culture, when the Republic is long past, in other than pretense. So, if you reckon the military approach to be a false hope, you might as well close the door, on your way out, as you get back to your little life, as it is for now.

[Wikitopian, in italics:]

This isn’t the first time that your thirst for transcendence in this desert of modernity has led you to look at some jackasses in costumes and see a mirage of martial valor.


A repeat offender, no less, am I.

Just like your uncle Fred, you’re keen to philosophize with a hammer but incapable of offering a coherent vision for a future direction.

I recognize and have explained a high-altitude ballistic trajectory of events. You merely presume that they can be deflected - somehow. You thus fail to grasp that one cannot “offer a coherent vision for a future direction”. The “future” was launched, long ago. Read your own Book as to forebodings of an eventual Apocalypse. Evidently you do not recognize all the eschatology of the Zeitgeist as symptomatic of self-recognition.

[And you shouldn't embarrass yourself with remarks about Fred, whereof you do not know. Please apply yourself to the study of the essay, "Become Superhuman," of February, 2009 (quickly accessed through the "Blog Archive" that Robert Campbell prompted me to enable) for a remarkable display of prescience and programmatic recommendation on the part of HPD Nietzsche.]

You speak of your having mastered the science of political economy and your years of careful research. But I don’t see anything.

This speaks to an unfortunate lack of aptitude and application to the task, on your part. I well recall someone’s principled refusal to read Nietzsche having been exposed in this very venue.

Your blog is dandy, but it’s not a substitute for a coherent exposition of your vision.

The early Posts are a reasonably coherent exposition. And it’s not a “vision” - it’s a characterization of the case.

I would love to be proven wrong, but all I see is falconry and tearing down.

That is the function of analysis.

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