The irony of the human dilemma in regard to politico-economic culture, and comprehension thereof, is that the heights of moral conscientiousness involve recognition of the severe limits upon the proper application of moral precepts.

Moral universalism, for example, is fatuous - when the possibilities for its consistent, complete, and definitive formulation and application are examined.

And I do not have to prove this - for it is the burden, of anyone who disputes this, to produce that complete and coherent body of law (which exists only in pretense, at the present, in regard to any polity of consequence).

Not to understand this basic aspect of the human dilemma is to remain an obnoxious and impertinent juvenile, at best, and a threat to the maintenance of any ordered existence on the planet, in the extremity.

As I have said elsewhere, this is not a world of sin-and-salvation, it is a world of actions-have-consequences. It is not a theater wherein good-and-evil are played out, it is a mundane arena of the merely good-and-bad. Much of what is declared “evil” is a dealing with the world as it is known to the intellectually adult - the “virtue” of the morally pretentious, rather, is that of the woman, the child, and the fanatic.

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  1. Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.