If you fail to see how an intentional community — a self-sustaining, racially conscious folk community — benefits our Cause, then I’m not sure any argument I can make will convince you. I think its merits are obvious. (Robert Campbell)

As are its de-merits, when viewed in larger perspective.

Most obviously, the “self-sustaining” aspect must be qualified, in that while such a community may be independent in its requirement for raw materials and foodstuffs, its protection from foreign invasion and domestic suppression is provided by an overwhelmingly larger and provisionally indulgent surrounding community with formal armed forces. (Though peasant visionaries hereabouts will have adopted pleasing misconceptions au courant as to the passing (”collapse”) of all foreign ambition for liberating North America from its present cultural regime, thus allowing Arcadia to survive in their minds as a day-dreamer’s aspiration for yet another (fatuous) colonial refuge. And “Red Dawn” fantasists will confidently declare themselves ready to bring to bear their trusty AK’s and whatnot to repel any number of Redcoats, foreign or domestic - should the peasant visionaries have miscalculated in their expectation of a perpetually indulgent and aggression-free environment.)

Without a spiritual goal at the forefront of the social consciousness, man’s ideologies inevitable descend into arrogance and self-destruction. The first step to conquering the world is conquering thy self!

“Conquering the world”? In what sense?

Our masters seem to be Jewish, not sub-continental (the former having had no more time than the latter toward achieving that global objective). So you must mean the “inward” world - in which case “conquering thyself” is tantamount to “conquering the world”. For *actual* world conquest/liberation, and resistance thereto, necessarily involve those nasty ideologies, with their arrogance and organic cyclicality.

But let us grant that those who have the inward discipline to douse themselves with flammable liquid and set themselves alight without evident sensation of pain, or to stop their own hearts from beating in autonomic activity, have truly mastered themselves. They have no need to conquer the world or even defend themselves against it. What matter if wife and child (should one have compromised oneself to that extent) are violated and killed or captured as slaves by intruders? One is well-composed and has a superior perspective on such developments, and one is thus undisturbed in one’s equanimity, by such events.

[Lesser India as an alternative to Greater Judea - an idea whose time has come?]


  1. NN,

    two items:

    1.) Could you give a short and general description of how you went from being a neo-NS activist in the old days to the latter-day philosopher you are today?

    How did you build the knowledge base you have today and how long did it take to do so? You've often said that you've cultivated a basic knowledge of all sciences and academic disciplines - do you have any advice for those interested regarding where and how to begin such an undertaking?

    2.) We are in agreement with regards to the condition of the (ostensibly) pro-white ideologies as they exist today. Specifically in the Anglo/Greater Judean realm there is a great misconception that mendacious condemnation of past heroes and embrace of what amounts to kosher-conservatism in bigot's clothing will somehow lead to a result which differs from the soft slavery we currently reside under. Certainly, once adopted (itself a remote possibility), it would not lead anywhere but to more masked servitude.

    What to do about it? Well, I don't know but I admire your perseverance in exporting your message. The incomprehension which registers in most of your readers must be maddening at times but those who do "get it" realize it is not deception but a sincere attempt to address our dilemma in it's entirety and without illusions.

  2. Mark,

    1) I ended my affiliation with the NSWPP, when disappointed by a remarkably inept performance by Commander Matt Koehl in a Q&A session with an audience witnessing a debate at a local university.

    The only significant re-orientation of my views occurred twenty years later, when I was intrigued by remarks regarding Nietzsche, in Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind.

    After much reading and re-reading of N. - finally putting the pieces of the puzzle of his political philosophy together from passages in his mature work (BGE/GM/TA/EH) - I realized that my prior framing of political phenomena in terms of form-of-government (as is the foundation of orthodox PolySci) was a gross error interfering with the proper, comprehensive conceptualization of events, past and present - and is thus a powerful weapon in the maintenance of goyische ignorance of how the politico-economic world works.

    The knowledge base acquired inbetween the NSWPP and Nietzsche was a matter of reading everything of significance - a twenty-year undertaking.

    I would recommend reading everything on the "superhuman" reading list, to start.

    The most important works are (the leading 12 out of 72), in no particular order:

    Human Action
    Man, Economy, and State
    Commissary to the Gentiles
    The Decline of the West
    The Draka Tetralogy
    Inside the Third Reich
    The New Industrial State
    Political Parties
    The Revolt Against Civilization
    Western Technology and Soviet...
    Report From Iron Mountain (hoax)

    2) One could not improve upon your admirable formulation regarding "more masked servitude".

    And thank you for your thoughtful encouragement.

    As to "maddening incomprehension" I would say that I marvel at it rather than being maddened.

    It's like I'm living amongst idiots savant.

  3. Would you expand upon this with another comment to "Eyes Right to India," please?

    Late last year I insulted several people on various blogs over disagreements - the other Mark on OD, and GW of MR in particular. The insults were extreme enough that I am not sure I can be around those parts any longer. A shame in some ways but with youth sometimes comes impulsivity and hot-headedness. Anyway, that's what I meant by boorish actions.

    As for disgust, I was at the time disillusioned with our future prospects. Now, I'm more in a "state of acceptance." You see, I did not truly develop a racial consciousness until a couple of years ago as I was raised in a bourgeois environment and most of my relations are some stripe of liberal or kosher-con. During the course of the racial awakening I experienced a case of negative information overload. The revelation that our civilization was in a possibly terminal crisis put me in a black mood for some time, particularly last year. Now, though, I'm far more dispassionate regarding the whole mess; the disgust and disillusionment has more or less worn off. Taking a clear-eyed and sober assessment of the situation, as you've no doubt done these long years, helped.

    Keep up the blog as time allows, some of us value it greatly! I look forward to your continued output.

  4. I realized that my prior framing of political phenomena in terms of form-of-government (as is the foundation of orthodox PolySci) was a gross error interfering with the proper, comprehensive conceptualization of events, past and present - and is thus a powerful weapon in the maintenance of goyische ignorance of how the politico-economic world works.

    I came to a similar realization sometime ago. It has something to do with the fact that political-economic systems (and with them the Oligarchies/Elites which you have stressed of late) arise organically, or at least they did until the parliamentary regimes of the 19th cent in Europe. It creates, among other things, the misconception that we commoners have any more influence over larger affairs than did our ancestors in ages past. Perhaps you could expand upon the point?

    Another misconception which arises from the materialist view is that history then seems to lead inevitably to both parliamentary systems and "cosmopolitan" civilization, not to mention secular humanism (latter-day nihilism). So the supposedly "atheistic" and "rational" system of thought is in fact some other form of messianism.

    If you feel I'm mistaken on any of these points don't hesitate to say so. I'm still fairly green.