“Good summary up to this point - but my sense of the “ultimate design” involves global anarchy rather than empire. Though it is evident that a *non-sectarian* expectation of one-world-government is held by the goyische paladins involved.” (NN)

Well, it would have saved us some time and trouble if you had provided this summary at the beginning, but for some reason you appear to enjoy seeing people bump their head and stub their toe in the dark before finding the light switch and figuring out what you believe.

I was puzzled by this remark, now supposedly to be taken tongue-in-cheek, but which reflection suggested to me was significant of the popular confusion of government form with government agenda.

So it appears that, in speculating as to the *organization* of the black-box guidance of Greater Judea, we were, for you, thus characterizing its *agenda*.

Which means that if I say the organization is oligarchic, for *you* the point and agenda of the organization, to the extent that there *is* such organization, is simply to *be* an oligarchy.

Thus, if I freshly introduce discussion of the (ultimately anarchistic) *agenda* of the organization, I have “found the light switch,” in your terms, and finally made up my mind with a characterization of its *organizational* form.

Now I think I understand your remark. So let me explain why the distinction between organization and agenda, means and ends, form and function, is vitally important under our present regime:

Maurice Samuel long ago instructed us that Jewry demands a “God World”.

Thus, as Oligarchs, they are not content just to be normal oligarchs in an imperfect world. They seek to perfect it (thus wrecking it) by means of Communism or Zionism or a combination of both.

So, young Andrew, your mission - should you decide to accept it - is to stop the tikkun olam fanatics, wherever they are to be found - before they can manage to deceive every goy, such as yourself, as to the simultaneity of the organizational form and functional agenda of governments - and so facilitate the perfecting of us all - to the point of a miserable death that we do not deserve.

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