Maybe you should reflect back upon your roots, and admit that the Superman myth has been a miserable substitute for sound moral behavior. The line that separates the animal from the human is MORALITY. If you deny that axiom, the corruption within your nature will condemn those who seek a virtuous struggle. Neitzche’s way has been tried. and it came up wanting.


1) The man that Zarathustra wants is a man of *master* morality, the code of all durably civilized existence. The "sound moral behavior" which you tout has been anything but.

2) Animals have their own "morality" which well suits them. You are a mere bigot in this regard.

3) I adhere to the "customs of war" among those of culture held in common. Otherwise, a "virtuous struggle" is for females resisting rape.

4) Nietzsche's way is that of healthy human civilization before the pathogenic emergence of Judaism and its heresies.



The Abyss:

1) God is Dead

2) Justice is transient

3) Utopia is a graveyard

4) The world of men is governed by lies and violence

5) It is left to men of violence to create and maintain order in the midst of this truth


How can such a creature as man who is governed by lies and violence created from within himself create and maintain order and maintain truth. In your world truth at the most is relative, so how does one know truth.


The man of violence as a victorious warrior and soldier is inclined to the eventual ordered exploitation of that which he conquers, should he choose to maintain an occupation. He does not have to *lie* about his world in the sense of *inverting* its reality, as do those he has conquered and made powerless otherwise, for he can see the world for what it is with certain *enhancements*, since it basically suits him by virtue of his victory. *This* has been the genesis and course of all human high culture and civilization of which we have knowledge prior to the Jewish intrusion. In "my world" truth is not relative - values are relative. My "good-and-bad" is that of master morality, not the "good-and-evil" of slavish morality.



I have been reading your posts and pondering on them.

I almost feel that I should offer you an apology. To say something like

"I'm sorry I haven't been a ravaging beast today.

I'm sorry that I have not plundered any cities or raped any women.

I'm sorry that I haven't been a Viking and slaughtered and enslaved any of my own people.

I had my puppy on my lap and to be frank, I kinda love the little fella. Sorry for engaging in weak emotions!

I'll try and do better (or worse) tomorrow! I'll try and be more of beast."


Make sure you do, punk!

Any more slacking off on the beastliness and the puppy gets one in the back of the neck, see!

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  1. NN, I recently found your blog and have benefited from the content thus far. I am new to Nietzsche, having concentrated primarily on epistemological thought, but I like what I know of his thoughts on morality. I've read This Spoke Zarathustra and was wondering if you might recommend what I should read of Nietzsche next?