What [Maurice] Samuel is saying [in *You Gentiles*] is not that the Jews are deliberate destroyers, or want to be. He is saying that we inadvertently destroy Gentile society, which is nothing but pageantry and spectacle, because we demand a seriousness, a reality and a morality from life that is far greater than gentiles can ever provide and so among the gentiles we are forever trying to create moral structures that, as gentiles are not able to bear them, break under the weight of them. (Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel)

Unlike the righteous Jews of ancient Israel, who well withstood the rigors of righteousness as Zealots, Sicarii, messianists of various other stripe, Pharisees, Saduccees, et al., and thus are recognizable as shining examples of the possibilities for such society that the Gentiles perversely refuse to emulate?

It would seem, rather, that the Gentiles must remain skeptical of this thesis - since “reality,” to judge by all historical example, including the aforementioned, evidently cannot accommodate “a seriousness, a reality, and a morality from life that is far greater than gentiles can ever provide,” - and since the destructive effect of that inevitable and predictable failure to bear up looks suspiciously like the after-effect of deliberate subversion hiding behind a sanctimonious pretense and pretext. Beyond that consideration, the Gentiles have this perverse tendency to note that the proclamations of the Talmud do not lend themselves to the notion that moral solicitousness for the welfare of other than Jewry is involved in Jewish moral motivation.

And what sanctimonious hypocrisy is not involved in the Jewish pattern of Nazi-racist-in-his-own-(apartheid/chosen-of-the-one-God-who-gave-this-land-to-me) country and Commie subversive in yours? [Even the nominally "Capitalist" Jewish elite purchased the Bolshevik overthrow of the Kerensky regime!]

And finally, deliberate or not, the santimonious Jewish agenda simulates a termite-like effect on the political and cultural structure involved - whether it's a Jewish entity or that of others. So, what’s a righteous Gentile to do with the Jew - or the Jew with himself, in the light of the *real* reality that is evident from investigation thereof rather than from the emetic moral pretense and nonsense?

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