I see what you are saying about the long term goal of rigorous Marxism.

However, I think the “withering away of the State” is something Marxists always conceptualize as being carried out by future generations of Marxists.

I doubt very much that Chinese Marxists will have the clear eyed fanaticism to carry such a scheme out to its final stages.

Even with the madmen of the Bolsheviks, only the Jew Trotsky actually wanted to move in a meaningful way toward the destruction of all Western Political Entities.

And guess what? His foreign policy ideas along these lines were shot down, so to speak (!), by Joseph Stalin.

What reason is there to think that a Chinese Trotsky won’t have his foreign policy ideas shot down by a Chinese Stalin?


It has already happened.

Just as Trotsky was followed by Stalin, then followed by Khruschev,

So Mao was followed by Deng, and now Mao is being revived.

And apostolic Christianity, failing to deliver the promised Advent, was replaced by institutional Catholic Christianity, which was rejected by puritanical Protestantism, in a return to the roots of the faith.

See the pattern?

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