Arabs aren’t especially good at fighting, even relying on kidnapped White children (Janissaries) to augment their military prowess. I assert that Whites, more than any other population, excel at leadership and military pursuits. The problem for us, in a nutshell, is that Jews, Mandarins, and Brahmins are superior at management, having been both genetically and culturally adapted over millennia to excel at managing grain surpluses, trade networks, and the logistical issues therein.

We’re more innovative and imaginative, but lack the patience and attentiveness of the existing managerial castes. Relative to them, we as a people suffer from attention-deficit disorder and this vulnerability is exploited time and again. Jews who excelled at reading Talmudic discourse and patiently applying usury need to merely make things too boring and byzantine for the gentile and he hands over his civilization without a fight.

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