But multiculturalists consider themselves superior to ALL CULTURES!

And this is of the essence of the power and attraction of “moral” deliberations:

A priceless feeling of personal worth transcending that of all others (and some others are held to be less than worthless, depending upon how one constructs one’s morality) - and purchased, initially, at the price of lots of hot air.

Such a *Deal* - *who* could resist?

So, *step right up*, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have two - yes, TWO - lovely varieties of moral superiority to appeal to that little slave lurking in your soul!

Over here, we have on display your traditional brand of spiritual afflatus: Yeshua’s Sayings, with a bonus addendum authored by Saul of the Thirty-Nine Stripes.

And for those of a more contemporary taste in ethical fatuities, we have pseudo-Christian, quasi-Communist, egalitarian utopianist Liberalism!

(Do I see a flush of warmth in many a face in the crowd at the mention of this latter delight, simulating the sensation of a bracing intoxicant as it slides down that inward canal - soothing that tremulous little girl inside? I think I do!)

So don’t be shy, Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and make your choice! It’s all free for you and won’t be paid for until your precious children wake up one day, staring the Devil in the eye, with old El Diablo demanding payment for the fatuous indulgences enjoyed by their parents.

["It is here and nowhere else that one must make a start to comprehend what Zarathustra wants: this type of man that he conceives, conceives reality as it is: it is strong enough for it —, it is not estranged or removed from it, it is reality itself and exemplifies all that is terrible and questionable in it, only in that way can man attain greatness ..." (Ecce Homo, "Why I Am a Destiny," 5)]

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