There are good arguments to support the belief that the Israel Lobby is very influential in the United States, or that to-day’s American Jews are disproportionately liberal, but when one starts suggesting that Jews collectively are the historical enemy (or at least one of the main enemies) of Western society, and thus deserve to be removed, one is plunging into lunatic territory, and displaying a degree of petty chauvinism that is more befitting of an African (or a latter day Kraut) than a civilized Anglo-Saxon.

Jews aren’t the problem. The problem is ideological. And the ideology has infected American Jews and Gentiles alike, though in different proportions. And that ideology is liberal democracy.

And is one of the tenets of “liberal democracy” the Reverse Discrimination policy?

Use of troops to enforce busing of students for racial integration?

Institutional suppression of scientific investigation and information regarding racial differences such as promote the necessity for AA/RD toward achieving, rather, a radical egalitarian regime to be imposed only upon those not of the means to escape to elite enclaves?

Or the resultant homogenization and atomization of society, simulating the desideratum of an alien elite seeking to secure itself against nativist resistance?

This is certainly not “liberal” in the classic sense of political, rather than socio-economic and racial/sexual equality, as you maintain was its origin. But you have it that the classic became the modern out of an internal evolutionary logic that has yet to be explained as logical and other than the product of promotion by illiberal parties.

The question, then, is why should have the spirit of freedom, paramount in the political egalitarianism of classical liberalism, have devolved into the quest for uniformity. It is because classic libertarian liberalism has “internal contradictions,” the consequences of which are societally unendurable, leading thus to government regulation of commerce, i.e., bureaucratic socialism. And Communist Jewry explicitly adopted the tactic of passing as “Socialist” for the sake of forwarding their crypto-anarchist, quasi-messianic Communist agenda, world-wide. And they have subverted the Western world under that cloak and on that otherwise-legitimate pretext, which is resisted by those who fail to distinguish meliorist bureaucratic surgical socialism from Communist police-statist terrorism and butchery and who then are vulnerable to the exploitation of the errors of their own ideological position. Thus have the masters of the present dispensation long played off the two erroneous ideological positions and representative parties (egalitarian utopian socialism/Democrats vs. laissez-faire free-enterprise capitalism/Republicans), to the advantage of their own crypto-anarchist Communist agenda, misunderstood and mis-labeled first as "socialism" or "welfarism" or "affirmative action" and now more agreeably as “liberal democracy" - predictably with none of these agendas realized in terms of the justice and fairness inclusive of all parties that was thought to be their charge. The recent capture of the Republican Party by Kosher-con elements has interrupted and climaxed this victorious campaign of duplicity and corruption by placing Republican-cloaked Judeo-fascism on a popular basis to complement the century-long Judeo-Communism behind the Democratic Party.

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