WE are following them like imprinted ducklings. And why? Because they’ve actually become our elite. They’re not uniquely evil. They’re not particularly special. They’re a managerial elite. If they hadn’t stumbled onto the biggest wide open opportunity in human history, we would be under the thrall of some other alien managerial elite.

The aristocrats became decadent without their wars. The Catholic priests lost their faith. The Freemasons entertained universalist ideals that left them open to infiltration and subversion. The Protestant “leadership” are totally at the mercy of the congregation which is totally at the mercy of the choke-point institutions. It’s important to be Jew-wise, to vividly and directly reject their self-appointed role in our society. But the only actual solution, the only path which will yield any fruit for our people, is to raise up an indigenous elite and then direct our loyalty toward it.

Our people are mal-indoctrinated and drowning in universalist fantasies. The Anglo world needs a racial/ideological revolution in thought, in the worst way, yet only seems to ever come up with more self-defeating delusions and shadow boxing. We need a racial-political revolution, and instead beget ‘tea parties’ and feel good flag-waving. What kind of make-believe fool’s paradise do these people inhabit? When simple street-Negroes exhibit racial moxie in spades, and even know about the Protocols, what’s to be said about the enslaved mindset of our deracinated people? How can our people be so cluster-fornicated stupid??

The answer, I believe, lies in the fact that the world’s Anglos have been ideologically Judaized for centuries, and most of them are essentially clueless about it. Many are even pugnaciously “proud” about their willful ignorance of most vital interests. Our people’s philosophical, spiritual, and political immaturity is astounding; huge segments of the White Anglo population think and act like juveniles in adult bodies. Our people's mindset and behavior is nauseating, to say nothing of being flat-out cowardly.

Something needs to be done, and in a hell of a hurry. Most of the posters at this blog are the most savvy, race-wise and literate Whites that I am aware of, and I salute you all. Most posters here seem to be very able to separate the real McCoy from the decoy, in a Jew-Yawk minute. Yes, Wiki, we need to build that indigenous, elite, White vanguard, and support it loyally and faithfully. We need to be the organized will of the people.

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